Hi! I'm Cassidy

I'm a 24 year old in Halifax, Nova Scotia (born and raised!). I work from home as a bookkeeper with ConnectCPA LLP, a company that I've been with since 2018 which allows me to maintain a wonderful work-life balance. The 'life' portion consists mostly of training and taking care of my three dogs, Reese, Riley and Rey. Each dog is so unique and provides its own challenges and rewards - you can read more about these in their personal sections :) 

My hobbies include mostly photography, painting and writing. I've also been doing a lot of renovations and such on my home since purchasing in 2018. I absolutely love DIY's and this home needs a lot of TLC. Thankfully I have a wonderful stepdad and brother who have been helping me so much with these renovations. Should I start a DIY Blog? ;) 

My partner in crime/ personal therapist and punching bag is my boyfriend David - our history goes back to 2018. He is also the original owner of Ri-guy, our goofy and lovable Golden. David's patience with both myself and the dogs is outstanding. He has been my rock through daily training, laughter and tears; he has such a positive attitude and a willingness to push through any challenges.

This story ALSO begins in 2018 (a big year I'd say) when I found Reese at Cali's K9 Rescue. As soon as I saw his face my life changed forever. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey :) 


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